2009 Ford E350 in Golden, CO in Golden, Colorado

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2009 Ford E-350 XLT Camper ConversionThis is a converted van that has been turned into an easy to use camper. The base is a 2009 Ford E-350 XLT Super Duty. The van is stock. It is a strong engine and has no troubles with the Colorado mountain passes. We usually cruise at about 80mph on the highway for long stretches and the engine does not "scream" at all. It currently has 92,XXX on it but we are still using it this summer. I have owned it since 60,000 miles and have kept up with regular oil change and maintenance activity. Prior to that it was also well maintained by the previous owner. I can get the service records for my ownership if requested. We have used it to camp (with children) all over the place, Colorado, Utah, California, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona and upper peninsula Michigan. We have had a blast with this camper and are now upgrading to more of a larger RV style. I won't say this van can do serious off-roading by any means, but we have taken it many miles down some fun fire-roads, washboard roads and partial double track roads off the beaten tracks in the back woods and never had a problem. The camper top is by Colorado Camper Vans, and is a hard side (we didn't want to ever have to worry about leaks or cold weather with soft side). We also felt more comfortable with a "solid van" than with a pop top, though I know that is personal preference. It is about the same overall height as one of the newer High Top SprinterPromaster vans. The interior height is about six and a half feet so no more leaning over when inside. It is a fiberglass unit that has a full bunk bed in the top. The bunk can be left in, or fully removed to have more space, as needed depending on how many passengers you have. I have slept up there with another smaller adult and it was fine, though for long trips I would recommend a maximum of two children up top and two adults down below. The bed below is large enough that we have also slept three (2 adults 1 child) downstairs

(it is an oversize Queen). If this van is to be used for two adults only, the third rear captain chair can be easily removed to provide even more space to install something else. There is more storage in this van than you will ever use. Between the pantry, the over cab wardrobe area, the under bed storage and the box on top we have never had to choose what to leave behind. We leave the roof top box at home about half the time depending on what we take. The interior and other options include Fridge Norcold Model DE0788B 3.1 Cuft (120AC 12DC 24DC) with Fan Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Power Solar (1200Wh 100Ah Storage). These units are amazing and it has enough charging options to power everything we need, both AC and DC. There is also an auxiliary cord to charge the Yeti from the truck battery when driving. 2 x 100 Watt Solar Panels mounted on the roof. I have these wired into the Yeti as well to charge all the time. 4 x 30 Watt (Goal Zero Boulder 30) - Portable Solar Panels with tripod and suitcase holders (I no longer really need these and used them for a year before I mounted the permanent ones on the roof, but they will go with the sale of the van) 2 x 220 AMP AGM Batteries that are linked to the Yeti 1250 (I have not yet run out of power) Fantastic Fan This is the 3-speed model, with reversible air and auto updown and a rain sensor. It really creates a good breeze on those warmer nights. Screens I have a full screen cover that will velcro on the double side door opening if you want to leave the doors open but not have the bugs. I also have two magnetic screens for the driver and passenger windows for summer nights. Window block out covers for all windows Two upper bunk sliding windows with built in screens Lower Bed It is a queen size bed, 10 inch temper-pedic style mattress that is very comfortable. No hips digging into the ground. Pantry This has three slid out drawers for all your food needs. There is also an under-storage area that is currently empty that was going

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